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Atlas of Caregiving

CareMaps App

Atlas of Caregiving needed a digital platform for their users to design and manage their own healthcare maps (CareMap), in order to understand the ecosystem of people who support them and aid them.

Project Brief: A digital platform web/app based for users to create & manage their own CareMaps

This project was part of a three month internship (required for my Master graduation) back in 2017 at Accurat. 


UI/UX design - Monica Calmet

UI/UX design - Tomasso Ranzano

Developer - Luca Falasco


The Concept

Atlas of Caregiving is a San Francisco based company that focuses in helping people through products and services related to healthcare. They were seeking a digital platform for users to design and manage their own CareMap. A CareMap is a visual ecosystem that facilitates the understanding of healthcare & life through visually showing the kind of support that is given, the involvement of family members, if someone in the family suffers from a certain disease, as well as the geological location of the members involved in relation to the user.

The client provided my team with several pilot studies that were conducted to gather information and testimonies of people who have drawn healthcare maps and how it has impacted their lives. Many cases involve family members, friends, pets, doctors and frequency of supports (whether the support is recurrent, occasional, often, weekly, etc.), as well as the typology of support given (medical, social care, financial, personal help, household chores, etc.)


App Ecosystem & Wireframes

Before developing the app, to understand the entire platform, we began by trying to understand the extent of the app, how many scenarios and screens were needed.

We eventually created an ecosystem and then proceeded with UX design via wireframes. It took about two months for us to create the experience, constantly checking in with the client.


Visual Exploration & Design

After the wireframe phase, our team began exploring the look and feel of the app, aligning with Atlas of Caregiving's brand design. Apart from the visual design of the CareMap, we also designed icons for all users, family members, pets, doctors, etc. Sadly my internship ended a month within this phase, but the project was left in good hands!

For more information, check out their CareMaps App.

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