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Fitbit App Design Challenge

I participated in a two day design challenge to redesign the Fitbit App. The App was going through a slight design change at the time, so I got to pitch a different visual approach.

UI/UX design - Monica Calmet

Copy - Dani Naboulsi


The Current App Design

I decided to base this new design approach on four main screens from the app: Today, Discover, Discover Workouts and Community.


The Inspiration & Design Exploration

Since I only had two days for this challenge, I quickly started looking at some inspirational UI visuals to start exploring templates and designs.


Initial Visual Designs

Once I got a base design going, I started playing with shadows, shapes, colors, icons and a bit of personality in the copy message for the landing Today screen.


Final Designs

I pitched two final designs for this project. Both with a personalized approach by sending a real-time personal message on the Today screen when the app is opened/synced. One direction is more photo driven whereas the other has a solid color vs lifestyle photo balance. 

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